Quality, sustainability, natural materials and production techniques: Feit’s “neo luxury”

Tull Price is extremely keen to talk about how the shoes produced by his brand, Feit, founded in New York in 2005 after years of working in the footwear industry, are made.

Having come into contact with the dynamics of mass production and the stress of having to work with the aim of increasing sales revenues and cutting costs, at a certain point Price decided to abandon everything. He spent several years travelling around Europe to learn its traditional shoe manufacturing processes after which he threw himself heart and soul into Feit which he considers a user-friendly project, part of a movement — that he calls “neo luxury” — based on quality and sustainability.

Focusing on models with extremely essential lines, Feit soon became known principally for the materials used and the natural treatments that are proudly shown on Price’s website, where he describes to potential customers the various stages in the construction of his shoes, made mainly of leather (often Italian) — as well as cork, bamboo and natural latex rubber — and designed to grow even more alluring with age. Just like good wine.

As far as production is concerned, Feit uses craftsmen from all over the world, including Italy, selecting them each time on the basis of the model’s characteristics. An interesting fact: every single pair of shoes is built from start to finish by the same person.

Among the latest Made in Italy models produced is the Side Lace Oxford, hand-sewn using the so-called Goodyear technique.