Uniting the S/S21 collections of emerging designers, a shared passion for R&D and sustainability

[On the cover: collections’ mood through the designers’ slogan]

The future of footwear lies in the hands of young designers, since they have the opportunity and responsibility to breathe new life into the sector and, through their products, increase awareness of the environment. Attentive as ever to the creative spirit of the younger generations, the latest edition of Micam dedicated an area of the fair to 11 international brands with a common denominator: a focus on innovative designs and materials and, in some cases, sustainability. Here are the novelties in each collection:


Sandals are the hallmark of this Spanish brand. In addition to wedges, the new collection features decidedly square toes and either flared or thin heels.


Raffia, from the palm trees of Madagascar, and leather is the combo used by the brand for next summer’s shoes, which come in various versions: double-buckle (Monk strap) mules, babydoll flats (Mary Janes) and double-knitted loafers.



Alongside the brand’s iconic models, sneakers in high-tech recycled materials and faux leather, the novelty is represented by the urban trekking slide sandals, suitable for both sea and city.


Brazilian organic cotton is the hallmark of this Brazilian brand. New in this collection are the soles inscribed with the words of the song The girl from Ipanema. Possibility of an interchangeable insole in recycled material to keep the feet warm.


The brand’s footwear, from sneakers to anatomically shaped slippers, feature minimal cuts and symmetrical cutouts.


Highlights of the collection are the masks, richly embroidered with pearls and stones, that match details on the shoes. Modularity is also back in this collection with post-punk necklaces that transform into anklets.


The new concept is inspired by art: each shoe is painted or hand-engraved by the designer, creating a unique effect on minimal models such as the pump and mule.


The collection is the result of a fruitful collaboration with the art world. The sneakers have been hand-painted with tattoo ink by the artist Süyer, making each pair of shoes different from the other.



The brand has chosen to make its sneakers from hemp fibre, with the toe cap and soles in crêpe.  All its shoes are made in Indonesia.


For next summer, the brand presents its first collection of women’s sneakers in soft nappa leather. The collection for men includes sandals as well as gym shoes.



The sustainable brand par excellence thanks to its use of corn-based and wood pulp polymers and 100% ecological microfibre for the uppers and recycled plastic for the soles. The novelty for next summer will be the iridescent uppers.

Photocredits by Gabriele Zanon