The greatest flexibility and comfort

Used primarily (but not only) in moccasins or loafers, this construction method gives the shoe the greatest flexibility and comfort, as well as light weight, doing away with all the rigid components used in other types of construction.

About 200 steps go into making a complete shoe. This means that, for example, a moccasin can be folded in two with minimal effort, by simply squeezing it between your thumb and index finger.

Two Italian experts in the slip lasting method are Parabiago Collezioni, maker of the Thierry Rabotin brand, and Calzaturificio Gritti, which makes Pas de Rouge.

A few technicalities…

The slip lasting method involves creation of a “sock” which is stitched around the last like a sock before it is worked.

It is normally stretched with a heated last and beaten by hand to shape it.
A breathable padded material is inserted between the sole and the lining to absorb shocks, and then the lining and insole are stitched onto the upper.

[Video: the “making of” Pas de Rouge]
[Photos: the “making of” Thierry Rabotin]