Durability and comfort

Designed to make shoes both sturdy and comfortable, the Ideal working method has been around for centuries and, today, is mainly used for heavy-duty workwear, mountain climbing boots and – in general – for high-quality productsIt is also one of the most suitable for the production of children’s shoes because it guarantees particular comfort, softness and flexibility.

The Ideal working is highly complex, but less so than other traditional methods that use stitching. 

Among the Italian companies specialized in this type of technique we have two shoe factories: Coraf and Eureka.


The borders of the upper are flanged outwards, over the last, and then glued and pressed onto the midsole. This is then attached to the outsole by means of stitching that runs around the outside of the shoe, by using a machine called “rapid“.
Two or even three rows of stitching may be used.

Cotton, nylon or other synthetic threads may be used.
To ensure maximum impermeability, the thread used for stitching is usually pre-treated with melted tar or pitch.