Keeping your shoes clean is not enough in itself; you have to think about the “microclimate” in which the foot resides

Bacteria, moulds, bad smells, shoes that are damaged prematurely. To avoid these unpleasant issues, you need to take care of your shoes. Taking care such that one does not only clean and store one’s shoes well, but also follows a series of small hygiene rules.

Given that the foot is one of the parts of the body that is most prone to sweat – there are 200 sweat glands for every cm² of the foot’s surface – the soles of shoes tend to collect moisture, producing an unhealthy microclimate both for the shoe itself and for us, the shoe-wearers.



It is, therefore, essential to allow one’s shoes to dry out thoroughly before putting them back on. This is possible if we take care to let them air out when we remove them, by taking a few precautions: avoid leaving them under the sun (direct rays can ruin the colour) and resorting to taking “shortcuts” such as using radiators and hair dryers, which can affect the flexibility of the upper and the sole, as well as ruining the leather.

A good habit to get into is to change your shoes every day, whether you are doing a physical activity or going to work or school or shopping.
It is also a good idea to take off your shoes once you are at home, a habit that is increasingly spreading from the countries of Northern Europe to our latitudes.

As for the materials, it is preferable to opt for real leather products, which favour natural perspiration, like ‘Deimille’ women’s shoes, which are designed and manufactured with attention not only to the design but also to the well-being of the foot.

There are also shoe-bottoms that are able to insulate the foot from heat and cold, thus maintaining a constant internal temperature.

A good quality insole can also help. There are extractable insoles available too, which allow for faster drying.

Obviously, the more shoes we have available, the better. Choosing quality – opting for Italian ones is the best strategy – means investing in the durability and good health of your foot.