You can choose the upper, heel, decorations, and initials on the sole

Wonder shoes, to amaze and make you look perfect from head to toe on your big day. Sergio Rossi’s bridal collection is called nothing less than ‘srWonder’. This triumph of seduction and glamour takes the form of some of the shoemaker’s iconic models, such as the Godiva high-heeled pump and the ‘sr1’ sandal with a square heel and toe, but also includes the slipper, designed for a less conventional ceremony or for the shoe-change for the party. What distinguishes these models, however, is the opportunity to customise the whole shoe by choosing the type of upper, the height of the heel, and the decorations, right down to the sole – on which one can choose to have the couple’s initials or the date of the wedding engraved. Also on the sole, in all models, a round blue crystal is applied, to respect the tradition for “something blue” to be worn on one’s wedding day. The shoe is a concentration of all-Italian tradition and expertise, values that have made the brand recognisable all over the world. In all Sergio Rossi boutiques, red variants – the colour of the bridal tradition in China – are also available.