The new “made in Baldan” brand tells stories about creativity and tradition

Tradition and the future fuse in the new brand Revolver Requeen Venexia.

While its roots are firmly based in the know-how of the Fiesso-based Baldan group and its 70 plus years’ experience in footwear manufacturing, the future is represented by the new brand that came about from the creative union of Beatrice Baldan and designer Fabio Panzeri, who interpreted the young entrepreneur’s ideas and made them a reality.

The result is a collection that combines savoir faire with a modern and contemporary vision comprised of strong details, femininity and elegance. Each model has a story that is told through five Rooms based on different themes: Secret Floor is defined by “key” heels, Bitingwhip Floor by whips, Bondage Floor by ropes and pompoms, Mad Floor by ironic details, and Stardust Floor by musical inspiration. The elements tying all the sandals, pumps and sling-backs together are the key and prism heels, as well as the colour palette that ranges from black and cobalt blue through to Bordeaux, nude, pearl grey and fuchsia.