Retail looks to a responsible future: the ‘Forward Store’ of the Venetian brand is an example of this

[On the cover: the COBBLER Area in the Golden Goose’s Forward Store]

Stores are changing their mission: not only to sell, but to do it in a more responsible way and in line with the sustainable path that fashion has taken.

Golden Goose is getting retail involved with this mission through the new concept of the ‘Forward Store’ which aims to extend the life cycle of products under the banner of ‘Repair, Remake, Resell and Recycle’. This concept is developed within the Via Cusani store in Milan, and replicated in New York and Dubai as well. The first thing that catches the customer’s attention are the sneakers placed in an old wardrobe in the shoe shop area, a space that recalls the atmosphere of an artisan’s workshop with all the machinery necessary for the work of the shoemaker and all the tools used to repair and customise shoes. A second area houses the tailor’s shop with a vintage allure and sewing and embroidery machines. The back wall of the room is covered with removable metal drawers that hold various types of decorations, buttons, patches, pins, bows and more, in various fabrics, shapes, sizes and colours.

TAILOR – working station

Each corner is designed to display strongly characterised products, such as the brand’s first sustainable sneaker – Yatay Model 1B – and some pieces from the Venice M’Art collection of the Venice Venice Hotel in Venice. In the centre of the room there is a wooden stand dedicated to the ‘Archive Collection’, inspired by the brand’s archives. Everything highlights an artisanal approach, where the customer can get involved in the co-creation and co-action process, have products of any brand repaired, or customise them and make them unique. The store also offers a tailor-made service for clothing, with the choice of various fits, fabrics, linings, etc., and a bespoke service for sneakers that will be created from scratch together with the shoemaker. The ‘Forward Store’ also acts as a physical platform for the reselling of selected Golden Goose pieces, guaranteeing a direct transaction between buyer and seller. Customers’ products will be displayed in a dedicated area of ??the store, ready to find another owner. But that’s not all, the company has also installed two recycling baskets in the store in which each visitor can leave any used product that s/he no longer wishes to keep.

A concept made possible by the collaboration between the company, its artisans, and users: here is the motto “Together with you” coined by Golden Goose finds its maximum expression in the shop.

COBBLER – remake