Bejewelled shoes to keep in the wardrobe and to emulate the stars of the Venice Film Festival

[On the cover: from Giulia Gaudino’s IG – the actress heads to the Red Carpet wearing Jimmy Choo shoes]

At the Venice Film Festival, ‘Made in Italy’ shoes ruled supreme. One brand dominated the scene: it was Jimmy Choo who the celebs wore before, on, and after the red carpet. For the most coveted catwalk, in general the actresses wore sandals, high heels, and slingbacks with vertiginous heels and bright touches provided by jewel details, from pearls to Swarovski crystals, which embellished the more classic models. These types of shoes are evergreen, and go beyond fashion, to be copied and kept in the wardrobe for special occasions. Here are some models to feel like a star for a night.