A new Italian brand of environmentally friendly, biodegradable shoes

Although this brand is classed as a “new talent” and has indeed just been created, it benefits from the skills, expert eye and vision of a designer who has been working in the footwear sector for a good 33 years. These years were spent not in shoemaking, but in retail: since the ‘80s, in Cesena city centre, Enrica Ramilli has been managing a shop whose doors have been open for one hundred years: Dante Calzature.

Combining her passion for shoes, her know-how acquired over many years in the sector, her training background as accessories designer and her care for environmental needs, environmental sustainability and ethical fashion, Ramilli recently established her small brand, Dà Quy. The brand was presented just a few weeks ago right there in Cesena, with a vegan-style fashion show, as the shoes, manufactured in partnership with several shoe factories in Marche and Tuscany, are 100% vegan (and fully certified with it). They are made using eco-synthetic materials composed of biodegradable molecules (once their useful “life” is over, Dà Quy shoes decompose in just six months if thrown out with the rubbish).

For now, at least, the shoes are sold exclusively at Dante Calzature. Their name, Dà Quy, comes from a Vietnamese expression which can be translated as “precious stones”.