An exhibition in Milan pays homage to a material representing the essence of fashion, research, technology and sustainability

Flexible, versatile, creative, increasingly sustainable: these features of leather are all represented in the exhibition “Questione di pelle”, open February 19 through 29 at Spazio Lineapelle in Palazzo Gorani, in the form of exclusive outfits and creations by Gianfranco Ferré, a great master in the use of leather, and other designers such as Alessandro dell’Acqua, Mario Dice, Diego Dolcini, Antonio Marras, and Vivetta.

The exhibition offers an opportunity to clarify that leather is a perfectly natural material, a by-product of the butchering of livestock for food, and it is recyclable and ecologically responsible, because the environmental impact of the tanning industry is minimised through advanced emissions control systems.

The exhibition is curated by Mariella Milani with artistic direction by Simone Guidarelli in partnership with Italents.