Salvatore Ferragamo teams up with Microsoft and Hevolus for the Tramezza Project to create a fascinating shopping experience

Artisanship and innovation: an apparent oxymoron, yet both are increasingly walking hand in hand, creating a more fascinating shopping experience for new digital consumers. Salvatore Ferragamo has embraced this pathway by innovating the customer experience of Tramezza Made-to-Order Project, driving the personalisation of men’s footwear thanks to two technological partners. The brand has chosen Microsoft’s Cloud Computing and Mixed Reality technologies, on which the Augmented Store at Home platform by Hevolus is based, to offer an innovative customer service for the selection and customisation of the men’s footwear collection Tramezza, available in-store or online, in an immersive and ultra high resolution experience.

By browsing a dedicated, Azure cloud-based web application, clients of the Tramezza Made-to-Order program can view the digital twin of the shoe and interact with this highly faithful 3D reproduction to customise materials, colours, details and finishings. The service enables customers to: choose from four Tramezza models (Baron, Barclay, Brighton and Ronald), five materials – betis, suede, crocodile skin, lizard and crocodile nubuck – and nine colours, customise the sole by selecting a colour and choose a buckle.

The platform also enables shared interaction sessions, when a client advisor can enter the user’s virtual room by wearing the holographic computer HoloLens 2 by Microsoft, or from the store’s device, providing assistance as they select and configure the model that best suits their requirements, as well as during the customisation process. Thanks to the Mixed Reality of Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Azure Spatial Anchors, the client advisor can actually view selections made by the customers, guide them through the procedure and help them with the configuration process, wishlist creation and order management. Lastly, once the experience is over, the customer will also be able to view the digital twin of their shoe in augmented reality.