At the Salotto di Milano some selected brands dedicated to the male world

[On the cover: a Paolo Scafora Napoli model]

Where can you choose made-to-measure products, the best expression of ‘Made in Italy’, with peace of mind and discretion, if not in an atelier or, even better, in a living room? Progetto Uomo, inside the Salotto di Milano, is a luxury hub that ranges from fashion to art to design, and an area that hosts a few selected brands dedicated to the male universe, aimed at both end customers and shops. A refined total look that can be put together like a puzzle where the pieces are the garments from Sartoria Stanislao Rivetti, the shirts from the Sannino Napoli shirt shop, the footwear is Paolo Scafora Napoli, the accessories are in exotic leathers (bags, belts, wallets, credit card holders) from the Faggioli Atelier. All brands with a history behind them, made up of tradition and craftsmanship. Like the shoes of Paolo Scafora Napoli who started the business in 1956 and since then has been making both ready-to-wear and made-to-measure products with virtuosity that goes as far as antiquing and manual dyeing. Iconic models of the menswear world such as Oxfords, Derbies, moccasins, but also contemporary footwear such as sneakers, always in the name of bon ton and with antiqued leathers. Thanks to the consolidated partnership with Camera Buyer Italia – The Best Shops – the Salotto di Milano will offer some tailor-made services at its Associated Stores.