A line made entirely from regenerated nylon obtained from the recycling of salvaged materials

[On the cover: Prada Re-Nylon collection 2020]

We say nylon and we think of Prada, the maison ennobled the material by making it the trademark of garments and accessories rich in creative content and contemporary style. Greater concern for the environment has prompted Prada to rethink this material, as nylon is a fabric that can be regenerated without losing out on quality or sustainability.

Thus, in 2019 the Re-Nylon collection was born: entirely made with regenerated nylon obtained from the recycling of plastic materials salvaged from the ocean, such as fishing nets, from landfills, or from textile fibre waste. At the beginning, only a capsule collection of bags was presented, while in 2020 clothing was added to the line, made from two fabrics: nylon gabardine, woven on silk looms, and ‘Piuma’ nylon, fine and light that feels much like silk. In addition to the garments, there are also accessories, including footwear: high- and low-top sneakers and combat boots with utility details, such as small purses or pockets.

The expansion of the Prada Re-Nylon collection reaffirms the brand’s commitment to sustainable practices, with the aim of converting all virgin nylon into regenerated nylon by the end of 2021.

Prada Re-Nylon collection 2020