A campaign and a project to save one of the species at greatest risk of extinction

An animal at risk of extinction and the symbol of the Chinese New Year 2022: two good reasons to push Prada to pay attention to the tiger, not only from a fashion point of view. The brand celebrates the Year of the Tiger with “Action in the Year of the Tiger”, a campaign and project dedicated to the protection of this majestic creature. The stars of the campaign are two well-known faces from the world of entertainment, the actor and singer Li Yifeng and the actress Chun Xia, dressed and shod in Prada. This call to action is aimed at all young talents in Chinese and international art schools who are under 30, to propose their own personal interpretation of the tiger, expressing themselves freely through the languages of painting, design, and sculpture. The works presented by the students will be selected by a special jury made up of the artists Liu Ye, Goshka Macuga, and Lu Yang and will be part of a special project in 2022. The Prada Group is also investing in charity activity to protect the endangered Amur tiger, by supporting the China Green Foundation’s “Walking with Tiger and Leopard” programme.

Prada Lunar New Year 2022