A humanoid robot presented the footwear, which can be purchased as a NFT and as a physical item

Love at first sight, that of fashion and the metaverse, where an avatar solves problems such as hiring celebs and influencers, the costs of prototypes of clothing and accessories, invitations to real showrooms, or boring fashion shows. Instead, in the metaverse, the wow factor is guaranteed. How can we not be tempted by a collection created exclusively in the metaverse, that will later become real and tangible? The visionary and innovative designer Philipp Plein did precisely this with the ‘Plein Sport’ line of sneakers, presented during Milan fashion week. The project is part of the $1.4 million acquisition of Plein Plaza, a 120-metre virtual skyscraper in Decentraland (a browser-based platform for the 3D virtual world). The first area inaugurated in the building is M.o.N.A. (NFT Art Museum) founded by Philipp Plein. This art space was conceived by the designer as an open forum for the development and implementation of digital art, aimed at encouraging and showcasing young NFT artists. To inaugurate the initiative, a cutting-edge  (the first ever to built, of only three examples in the world) was the star of the first Plein Sport fashion show humanoid robot called Romeo 0.1for the presentation of the new sneaker collection created in the metaverse.

In the video the humanoid robot  Romeo 0.1

This launch featured exclusive luxury drops on NFT Auction House, Portion, digital wearables designed by the Crypto Kings (the pseudonym designating the artistic collaboration between Philipp Plein and world-renowned NFT artist Antoni Tudisco), as well as exclusive experiences and prizes for collectors. This first art/fashion vernissage is based on a combination of physical and digital objects: in the digital event, – the buy-as-you-see vernissage – every collector can purchase a never-before-seen combination in advance, namely an NFT along with a pair of physical sneakers. This adventure in the metaverse testifies to the propensity for innovation of the German entrepreneur, who in 2021 had already opened up to cryptocurrencies and had also already used digital tools for his fashion shows. All of this thanks to the investments in research and development that the Plein group has undertaken for many years and which has led to the creation of a specialised digital department in Lugano which employs 25 of the 700 employees of the Philipp Plein Group and is committed to the development, implementation, and testing of the most advanced software and engineering solutions applied to fashion and retail. The Plein Sport project represents the pinnacle of this brand’s digitisation process, where physical and digital experiences are combined and where footwear plays a leading role.