The new Gold Rush model for Gaerne’s 60th anniversary

The passion for cycling never goes out of fashion: it remains one of the most popular and practised sports in Europe, despite football’s ubiquity. For professionals and bicycle enthusiasts alike, road cycling footwear is a fundamental driver of performance, and ‘Made in Italy’ contributes to raising both quality and performance. An example of this is Gaerne, on the market since 1962 and always striving for innovation and research. Among the most recent models offered by the Treviso-based company, there is the new Gold Rush version of the flagship Gaerne shoe for the road range. It is characterised by an upper in matt black, perforated by laser and made from a single piece of microfibre; gold-coloured finish for tongue, logo, “G” pictogram and BOA® Li2 micrometric closure; the two anodised aluminium wheels guarantee fit adjustment and secure grip in any weather condition; Eps Light Weight Full Carbon Sole 12.0 sole made of woven carbon fibre with four ventilation points, an anti-slip insert in the toe and interchangeable cleat on the heel. This model combines high-level performance with comfort as well as elegance, another added value of ‘Made in Italy’.