The all-Italian sneaker project brought to life during the last lockdown

There was no stopping creativity during the lockdown, on the contrary: there was more time to reflect, bring dreams to life and channel energies into new entrepreneurial initiatives. In this sense 2020 got off to a collaborative start, with professionals of the sector, designers and the company New Footwears in Aversa (Caserta) all joining forces to create an all-Italian sneaker start-up. The project is called OFFPLAY and it expresses the idea of free time (time OFF) and the desire to go back to having fun together (let’s PLAY together) as a way of leaving dark moments behind us. Inspired by urban streetwear and lifestyle, the sneakers express a contemporary design and all-Italian know-how, because New Footwears is now in its third generation of production for luxury brands.

The new brand is set to make its début at Rinascente, Milan, in a few days, offering models for women and men in classic and chunky styles, featuring spring and metal colours, as well as traditional black and white.