American buyer Daniel Hanig's opinion

Daniel Hanig has been working full time in the footwear industry for about 15 years. He helps run his family’s shoe stores in Chicago, United States. He has worked in those shops for his whole life, ever since he could hold a shoe box in his hand.
We asked him some questions on the occasion of the opening of Micam Milano and Micam Digital Show.

What do you think about the digital fair format? Do you consider it an indispensable route for trade fairs?

Since the pandemic began, the ability to navigate new collections digitally has become increasingly more important. I do think this hybrid format of digital and real life buying will eventually be the new normal, if not already.

Have you ever attended digital fairs?

Yes I have attended digital fairs.

Have you ever attended Micam Digital Show?

I have not attended Micam Digital Show yet, but am planning on doing so soon.

What are you planning to buy for spring/summer 2022?

We will continue to buy from our partners in Europe, including Italian brands Thierry Rabotin and Sabatini.

Are you thinking of going to Milan to Micam ?

Yes we would like to return to Micam hopefully in Spring ’22, depending on how the pandemic is going. We still don’t feel comfortable traveling internationally yet.