Sustainability storytelling also involves showrooms

[On the cover: NoMade shoes SS2022]

Companies, showrooms, and consumers are now increasingly careful about producing, distributing, and purchasing eco-friendly products. A chain with a green soul that seeks, at every step of the supply chain, to raise awareness and improve the performance of the fashion sector, the most polluting in the world after petrochemicals. Even the showrooms, important links between producers and shops, are doing their part. Indeed, some of them, associated with Camera Showroom Milano, which brings together 32 of the most prestigious showrooms in Italy, have presented sustainable collections for Spring/Summer 2022 during the last fashion week in the capital city of Lombardy. Together with Confartigianato Moda, Camera Showroom Milano unveiled, during a dinner party at Palazzo Cusani, the video “CSM meets sustainability”, which presented clothing and accessories brands all with an eco-vocation and the relevant certifications. Amongst these brands, there were two that make footwear.

NoMade, distributed by Panorama Moda, already in its logo exudes a nomadic spirit for a contemporary man, accustomed to a versatile wardrobe. It is an Italian brand based in Perugia that supports artisans from all over the world through the production of handmade and sustainable footwear. The uppers are made in Morocco, with natural materials such as raffia, with a crochet knotting process that takes nine hours. Each upper is then hit with a hammer for about an hour to make the fit softer. The shoes are then assembled and finished in Italy with a natural rubber sole.

Xocoi is a brand founded in Venice, in the portfolio of the Continuo showroom. The colourful, minimal clogs are ‘Made in Italy’ and are made of recyclable plastic, easily combined with a variety of summery, trendy looks.

Xocoi SS2022