A new brand that focuses on a single product made from jute canvas

The pandemic has awakened and accelerated attention to a more ethical and responsible form of fashion, which involves shorter supply chains and less waste. It was inevitable, thus, that even Niini, a brand born in 2021, would satisfy the needs of slow fashion – attentive to quality and proximity. In fact, the young creator of the brand, Cristina Zibetti, from Milan with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from the Marangoni Institute, but above all with a great passion for ballerina shoes, has chosen to produce in the district of Parabiago, near Milan, shortening the supply chain and focusing on a single timeless product: the slingback, available in various fabrics for Spring/Summer 2022. A simple model, fully flat to the ground, with a square toe that is bevelled on the sides, of great quality and ‘bon ton’, which allows for floral and Vichy patterns in a Provencal style, pastel patterns mixed with shades of pink, military green, lilac, and mustard, contrasted with neutrals. Like the name of the Niini brand, an affectionate and entirely Milanese diminutive traditionally used to address children, the names of the models are also very “Milanese”: Brera, Solferino, Fiori Chiari, and so on, a tribute to the city, but also to a taste that is much loved by Milanese ladies. To avoid waste, the shoes are produced following pre-orders and restocking is quick, thanks also to the proximity of the producers.