The environmental crisis is pushing fashion and accessory brands to become increasingly involved in the safeguarding of the planet. Yatay – a ‘Made in Italy’ eco-sustainable sneaker brand – has embraced the cause since its early days and continues to strengthen its mission with different targeted projects. From the firm’s collaboration with the nonprofit foundation ‘No More Plastic’, were born both the Walkwithus campaign, to raise awareness about microplastics in the oceans, and a sneaker capsule collection supported by four global ambassadors. The message that Helena Christensen, Cindy Bruna, Azza Slimene, and Amelia Windsor want to share is that you can also bring about change through your choice of footwear. Every time you walk, step after step, microplastics emanate from your shoes and contaminate the air you breathe. There are four Yatay No More Plastic Irori models, customised by the four ambassadors with a choice of colours that recall the oceans, and a black and white version is also available.

The four models are available for pre-order from the 28th of October on the official Yatay website in a section dedicated to the project, 50% of the profits will be donated to the NGO ‘No More Plastic’.