There’s the North Californian Tienlyn Jacobson who takes pictures of herself surrounded by palm trees.

There’s “chic” Jane Song, also from California but the south this time, who immortalises herself in the city traffic wearing a retro ‘70s outfit.

There’s the tattooed New Yorker Luanna Perez-Garreaud who loves wearing Sonic Youth and Iron Maiden t-shirts, cites Lou Reed and photographs herself in typical suburban streets – the ones with brick houses.

There’s the super-busy Jacquelin D. who moves between the Big Apple and New Jersey.

There’s the romantic-country-style girl from Nashville, Brooke Webb.

There’s Jessica Wang relaxing by the pool.

What all these very different young women have in common – apart from being fashion bloggers and having thousands of followers – are their shoes. In fact they are all wearing a pair of Thierry Rabotin shoes, made entirely in Italy and produced by Parabiago Collezioni.