The Plug.Mi press conference during Micam 87 Milano

Some say they are over, others see them as firmly at the top of the sales charts for the coming seasons.
We are talking about sneakers, of course. To demonstrate that it is no longer a question of fashion and trends, but more of a lifestyle that goes beyond clothing to become a whole cultural experience, Plug-Mi is born – a new format that centres on sneakerheads, connoisseurs and, above all, young people. 

The event, organised by Campus Fandango Club in collaboration with Micam and Fiera Milano, will be staged during the September edition of the footwear event, but will anticipate its opening by one day, on Saturday the 14th of September. 

The world of trade shows needs a vitamin injection – said Michele Budelli, CEO of Campus Fandango Club during the press conference showcasing the initiative. We believe that a moment of physical meeting for those who share a passion is important.
After videogames and music, what could become a viral phenomenon if not the sneaker?
Plug-Mi wants to become a new sneaker culture experience, with the aim of aggregating a niche, or rather a huge niche of 80,000 people. It is not a matter of connecting only those who sell and those who buy products, but the whole world that shares and enjoy the same music, sports and interests. 

According to Gianluca Perrelli, Chief of Marketing at Buzzoole, the sneaker goes beyond the concept of shoe to become “a narrative platform” and “value element” to communicate with young people. 

This project for Micam is revolutionary – underlined the CEO Tommaso Cancellaraa format that unites B2B and B2C. Let’s not forget that of all segments, that of sneakers is growing by 4%”. 

In addition to space dedicated to shoes, there will be moments for sports and music performances because, according to rapper Jake La Furia and Samuele Sanna, a prominent face of Italian MMA (Mixed Martial Arts – the sport with the highest growth rate amongst millennials and generation Z), an entertainment model that combines sports, lifestyle, and music is currently missing.

The Plug-Mi press conference was moderated by Guido Bagatta, a sneakerhead and a collector of rare models from the 1980s, many of which have deteriorated over time.


Milan, Italy. Plug-Mi press conference. Shoes: Shuttered reverse backboard.