Matteo Marziali is a designer from the Marche region who created handcrafted sneaker brand Playhat.

With no intention of giving up after the earthquake that struck the Marche region, he has launched a crowdfunding campaign through the platform Indiegogo  so that he can go back to making and distributing his shoes in Italy and abroad.

To support the project and the whole production chain, you can pay 167 euros – only through Indiegogo – and in exchange you will receive a pair of personalised Playhat sneakers, with a choice of three styles available in 12 colours.

Not only are the shoes handcrafted, but each of their soles are numbered, signed by the designer and marked with the backer’s name and surname.

We want Italians to start wearing them again and for the rest of the world to discover and love them

What’s the purpose of the campaign?

We have a product that is not only beautiful to look at but also very attractive from a technical point of view, thanks to the shoemaking heritage of the Marche region. We have created an original design and comfort that pampers even those who spend most of their day on their feet: now we want Italians to start wearing them again and for the rest of the world to discover and love them. Coming from a beautiful but slightly ill-fated land with a hardworking population that stands united – and which we want to see going back, with us, to doing what it does best – we felt crowdfunding was the most natural choice to hit our target.”

But the product and its features will be doing all the talking throughout this campaign: soft vegetable tanned leather, memory-effect inner sole for maximum comfort, hand-stitched upper and a colour and leather maintenance kit accompanying the shoes.