The concept of sustainability, increasingly embraced by footwear companies, is explored in the third and final part of the #micamtales project through the story of the Wizard of Oz. In fact, after Micam in Wonderland and Micam Glass Slipper,  the campaign title  for the forthcoming edition of the event – due to be held from 19 -22 February 2023 – will be Micam of Oz. Micam chose the third fairy-tale, in which the courageous young protagonist travels to the Emerald Castle, as a means of showing how self-esteem i.e. a belief in oneself and in one’s abilities, can be a key to success, in the business world as well . The story is divided in two chapters, with the first part – Poppy Flowers – due to be unveiled on the 1st of February, 2023. In it, the protagonist finds herself in a poppy field where she loses her dog; while searching for it, she bumps into a super-trendy scarecrow, wearing  young designer fashions, and various other strange items. Each chapter of the communication campaign will be recreated inside Micam through a special exhibit experience. Through this imagery, Micam puts the spotlight on sustainability, a topic already touched on in the latest editions with the VCS project, the registered mark that certifies the sustainability of footwear companies and their supply chains.