There are two important messages that the Tuscan Leather Consortium together with the artist-craftsman Augusta 1923, aka Simone Cecchetto, want to launch with their installation at Pitti Uomo. One is the claim “Do not handle with care” that refers to the shoes and bags of the Consortium’s special collection, because the passage of time preserves and enhances the beauty of Tuscan leather, made of natural imperfections, such as slight veins, and to how when the product is used it gives off a more lived-in look. The other, written on the soles of the shoes, is the claim “less waste”, intended as an appeal for more responsible consumption, a cause for which Cuoio di Toscana is a spokesperson. “In fact, leather” – explains the director Antonio Quirici – “is not only a flexible and inherently green material, but it is also long-lasting; in fact, the more we stress it over time with use, the more it gains prominence and value in terms of beauty and quality”.