Producing 98% of sole leather in Italy and 80% of sole leather in Europe, Consorzio Cuoio di Toscana presents an international advertising campaign to promote the values of the material. Step into our World takes consumers on an emotional, educational and informative journey into the excellence crafted by production companies, showcasing the allure of leather tanning in the region of Tuscany, the birthplace of Italian art and culture. Naturalness, authenticity, craftsmanship and innovation are the four keywords summarising the pillars of the campaign, which plays on the words heart and art.

Heart of Nature focuses on the naturalness of the leather, its aroma and its production, which is achieved through slow vegetable tanning and the mix of tannins. Land Heart concentrates on a love for Tuscany, its land, art and tradition, Heart of Craftsmanship values the input of humans, Heart of Beauty the style, design and finishing techniques, and Discover the Heart the creativity that goes into the protective film that is a guarantee of authentic Tuscan leather. The campaign launches on the 29th June.