For non-skiers, alpine (or downhill) skiing and ski touring (ski mountaineering or backcountry) may appear to be the same thing. In actual fact they are two different sports: the former is practised on groomed slopes equipped with ski lifts while the latter takes place off-piste, on unbeaten snowy terrain. And each has its own specific equipment. SCARPA, a company specialising in mountain and outdoor footwear, however, has developed the hybrid 4-Quattro boot which is suitable for both disciplines. The new product’s testimonial is Bode Miller, one of the greatest American skiers ever, who became the brand’s international Brand Ambassador in January of this year. The new boot is ultra-light and high-performance – for both uphill and downhill skiing – and its strongest features are its GripWalk sole and the new ski/walk mechanism which enables fast transition from one mode to the other.

Hybrid 4-Quattro boot


Bode Miller