The Giano di Torre San Patrizio company in the Marche region, which produces prestigious brands, including La Martina, is betting on the green future of footwear with a capsule collection of sustainable sneakers, which completes the S/S 2023 collection of the iconic Argentine polo brand. The models have recycled nylon lining, eco-friendly suede, and eyelets made from recycled apple waste. “We have been collaborating with La Martina since 2006 and we have very high expectations of the new eco-capsule. It is a small debut of a project that has only one noble and concrete aim: to leave our children a better planet than the one they found”, explains Enrico Paniccià, CEO of Giano and a member of the third generation of the founding family. This is only one aspect of the company’s broader philosophy, which is committed to the enhancement of industrial relations at the service of company competitiveness and the improvement of workers’ conditions, namely the signing of an agreement on a performance bonus which grants employees economic benefits and welfare which are correlated with the quality and profitability results achieved by the company. Giano is today a solid entrepreneurial reality with a global turnover, including all licenses, of over 15 million euros, with growth prospects of +30% for the year 2023; 65% of production is exported mainly to Europe, with the aim of opening new frontiers in Asia and the USA.