Daughter of sixties and seventies global icon, Diana Ross, American actress Tracee Ellis Ross became famous in the early noughties thanks to the sitcom Girlfriends. While she has also made several film appearances, it was thanks to another TV series, Black-ish, yet to be broadcast in Italy, in which she plays an anaesthetist whose parents are hippies, that Ross obtained the accolade she really deserves. So much so that on 8 January 2017, she won the prestigious Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy series or musical.

And the star attended the awards ceremony wearing a pair of strictly Italian Loriblus, taking selfies in her Los Angeles home shortly before going to collect the award, and not long after arriving — jet lag or no jet lag — directly from the White House. That’s right, the actress – who works actively in the field of civil rights and fights for the equality of minorities as an ambassador – attended President Obama’s end-of-term party.