One of the coolest shoes of this winter season, the Texan boot by Baldinini, was born as a re-release of a mid-eighties model – thus stressing the heritage and the know-how of the shoe maker.

The ‘Archive Project’ was created with this goal in mind: re-proposing and modernising iconic footwear by a company that is known all over the world. In the new models, there is a mix of Hussar style and Tex-Mex, with studs, typical flamenco workmanship and shapes with Texan influence.

The company has a rich archive, a precious heritage consisting of about 3,000 pairs of shoes, catalogued and organised in collaboration with the University of Bologna – explains Gimmi Baldinini – testimony to a past that is, and will always be, our future. The collection, soon, could be part of our own personal museum. This is a very important project of which the Texan boots are only the first stage. Other iconic models will be recovered from our historical archives and updated for upcoming collections”.



The link with the present, alongside the geometric optical design with whimsical inserts, is reiterated in the attention that is paid to the digital world, so much so that for the first time an ad hoc shoot was undertaken exclusively for social media.