Know-how and craftsmanship are the common themes that run throughout the ‘Artigianato e Palazzo’ (Crafts and the Palace) event, conceived by Giorgiana Corsini and Neri Torrigiani, which will take place from the 17th to the 20th of September at the Corsini Garden in Florence.

Amongst the many niche producers who will be present, who combine ancient techniques and traditions with a modern touch whilst maintaining the quality of workmanship and materials constant, shoemakers are a must, alongside producers of jewellery, fabrics, chairs, and wallpapers. Florence itself is known for the artisan boutiques of its “cobblers” who have also fascinated international VIPs and celebs, especially the actor Daniel Day-Lewis who took a sabbatical to learn how to make shoes in the Tuscan city.

This attention to a rediscovered manual skill is confirmed by the event organised on the 2nd and 3rd of September by Dolce & Gabbana who bring together various Florentine excellences in their fashion show. The ‘Artiginato e Palazzo’ fair, now in its 26th edition, thus, fully responds to the desire to rediscover the typical craftsmanship of ‘Made in Italy’.

Among the footwear offerings, Piedaterre di Venezia proposes “furlane”, the shoes originally worn by gondoliers, which are today being brought back to life with a modern reinterpretation permeated by the culture of recycling. In fact, old bicycle tyres are used to make the soles of the shoes, canvas jute bags, which were used to transport seeds and grains, are transformed into effective padding, and fabrics, the rags of old clothes, are used for the uppers.

Le Scarpe di Marta is a Roman project born to create beautiful, comfortable shoes that are strictly flat and timeless. Naturally, made by hand as in the past.

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Calzoleria De Fumo from Montegranaro has continued the artisanal tradition for 50 years through the manual cutting of each single component of their shoes and with assembly being undertaken as it was before the advent of the machines, not to mention with hand stitching that guarantees flexibility and robustness in the various models.

Dea Sandals Capri promotes the Capri sandal that is customisable, handmade and made to measure, combining creativity and craftsmanship.

Also this year, in conjunction with the exhibition, a fundraising campaign for cultural heritage, aimed at individuals and companies will be launched. Under the spotlight this time is the sixteenth century complex the “Fonte della Fata Morgana”, an example of garden architecture that housed the marble statue of the Fata Morgana, sculpted by Giambologna.