No fashion brand can afford to ignore Paris, and every Maison is anxious to give its stores a new look.

Ferragamo re-opened its flagship store on Avenue Montaigne in the middle of May. Completely renewed and expanded, it is now the brand’s biggest store in Europe, with a 1300 square metre sales floor showing off the brand’s men’s, women’s and accessories collections.

Inside, the store is divided into a series of connected rooms designed  to give  the feel of a cosy 19th century/retro Paris apartment, situated in a particularly beautiful building with original plasterwork on the ceilings, rounded furnishings, French oak herringbone flooring, wool and silk carpets, walls covered with 15 different wallpapers, and original printed glass from the ’50s.

The store presents a balanced combination of classic Italian design drawing on different periods – from the ’30s to the ’50s – with French taste for the arrangement of space. In the rooms on the first floor of the store are five magnificent fireplaces made of marble in different colours.