The Christian Louboutin brand, which has been producing part of its footwear in Parabiago since 1994, has chosen the town’s rugby team as its partner for a series of activities in the world of sport. Rugby Parabiago has in fact become one of the partners of the Italian industrial division of the Louboutin Group for corporate welfare. According to a press release issued by the Parabiago Rugby club,  the Red&Blue Summer Camp, after-school program and future Winter Camps of the Rossoblù (red-and-blue) Club will be just some of the innovative services offered by the company with the aim of improving the well-being of its employees and their families: not only children of summer camp age will be able to participate but also teenagers, who will embark on a path to become instructors. The footwear and lifestyle brand will also support the activities of Rugby Parabiago Cares, and in particular the Beyond Rugby project, aimed at children suffering from autism spectrum disorder, and the Neighbourhood Coach project promoting physical activity in the parks of Parabiago and Legnano, available free-of-charge to all school-age boys and girls who are unable to play sports due to economic or other difficulties.  The new venture seems set for success with 40 families having already signed up for the Summer Camp.