Innovating, contaminating and evolving have become a mantra for Lotto Sport Italia, renewing its partnership in 2020 with ITS International Talent Support, the authoritative international contest and expression of global creativity.

By offering the Lotto Sport Award, the company from Italy’s Veneto region pursues its mission of exploring new frontiers and seeking original cross-contaminations between sports and fashion.

The 2020 award goes to Estonian Johanna Parv, ahead of South Korean Minjae Chang and British Scarlett Gapp. The designer turned to the brand’s historical archives to create an outfit inspired by the world of tennis, with a fresh approach involving modular creations, sustainable materials and urban style.

The winner will be offered an opportunity to design and develop a capsule collection directly in Lotto’s style office, just like the winner of the 2019 Lotto Sport Award 2019, Rafael Kouto: the Afro-Swiss stylist created “Escapism Through Unknown Neighboring Lands”, a limited edition of 10 items representing a blend of haute couture, ethnic fashions and sportswear.

Outfits created by Johanna Parv, winner of the 2020 Lotto Sport Award