Not just footwear: Golden Goose goes beyond the product to target its community, made up of creatives from different disciplines and backgrounds. For this reason, Haus was created, a global platform for culture and the expression of creativity, which takes the form of a place, in Marghera where the brand was born, but also in a series of travelling events, namely Haus of Dreamers. The first stop for these events was Venice, where on the 22nd of May Golden Goose, on the occasion of the 2023 Architecture Biennale, brought together five versatile artists from different fields: Fabio Novembre, Italian architect and designer, Quannah Chasinghorse, Native American land protector and model, Dr. Woo, tattoo artist, Suki Waterhouse, actress and singer, and SUNMI, K-pop artist. The Dreamers were asked to reinterpret the classic Venetian icons by modernising them, creating unique experiences to live and take with them even at the end of the evening. Performances, installations, readings, and an exclusive event at the Venice Venice Hotel animated the evening on a journey through art, music, and architecture, which will continue in Paris during fashion week in October 2023.