Bridging the the gap between demand for jobs and the search for skills and, above all, technical know-how required in the world of fashion, Confindustria Moda and Umana hold Fashion Talent Days, November 8 through 10: online meetings in which companies talk to students from schools and vocational institutes about the professions most in demand in the textiles, fashion and accessories industries. Demand is high in the sector for more than 40 professions, according to the 2022 Excelsior-Unioncamere report, which reveals that the industry will need to hire 63,000 to 94,000 people, depending on economic trends, in the years 2022-2026. More than 40 professional profiles are in demand, ranging from traditional professions such as seamstresses, textile designers, technical designers, weaving mechanics, goldsmiths and production planners; as well as the digital professions urgently required as a result of the digital transition, such as E-commerce managers, digital analysts and supply chain data managers; vertical professions in the area of sustainability, such as environmental sustainability managers and product life cycle managers; plus conventional professions such as  human resources managers and chemical technicians.

Events are posted online at the link