It is all thanks to technology that shoes have reached ever higher levels of performance; if we are talking about mountain and outdoor shoes, it is essential to resort to advanced technical solutions. Thus Scarpa – a company specialising in products for mountaineering, climbing, trail running, trekking, hiking, ski mountaineering, and telemark – has launched the ‘RUSH TRK GTX’ model for short or daily mountain excursions. Comfort, stability, and lightness are the shoe’s characteristics, thanks to a sole made from the Supergum compound, ideal for all dry or wet conditions, and with an extraordinary balance of grip and durability.

The shoe features the special IKS (Interactive Kinetic System) technology that draws onto the sole seven hollow structures with concentric rings that can absorb the weight of the body in the specific anatomical pressure points of the foot. The upper is in suede with a 3D Autofit collar in padded fabric that wraps the foot, stabilising it, while the Goretex membrane guarantees waterproofness and breathability.