Meetings between world leaders are always analysed under a microscope, sieving through all the tiniest details, from the choice of one particular word rather than another in an official speech to attentive analysis of posture, gestures and body language.

And both political and lifestyle reporters dedicate just as much care to analysis of the clothing politicians choose to wear at a summit.

In the case of a personality such as Angela Merkel, not inclined toward “special effects” but dressing in an extremely sober way, the press is always anxious to comment and judge every false step.

But at one of the year’s most important meetings, the German Chancellor’s first official visit to the White House since Donald Trump became President of the United States, Merkel was wearing a splendid pair of Italian-made shoes.

Made by Calzaturificio Brunate, a historic shoemaker founded 90 years ago in Lomazzo, in the province of Como, the fringed blue loafers also accompanied the German Chancellor on her trip to Rome to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Treaty of Europe.