The future of the planet is a topic that is very close to the heart of the fashion industry and that is being addressed through the use of natural and sustainable materials and fabrics.
The 42 Degrees capsule collection by Salvatore Ferragamo was conceived with this in mind. The idea comes from two young designers, Flavia Corridori and Luciano Dimotta, and is the result of a brief “to create accessories using sustainable materials that are consistent with the brand’s iconic style”. 



They have created a men’s and a women’s sneaker, a rucksack and a shopping bag that were inspired by the brand’s historical archive and by the iconic 1938 “Rainbow” sandal that was made in the colours of the rainbow.
We chose models that could be made with a simple production process – the two designers explain – but that have innovative details, such as a multi-coloured ribbon as the leitmotiv of the collection and sustainable materials, as well as Ferragamo’s distinctive Gancini metal accessories”.