Training, a theme of great importance to the fashion industry and to the City of Milan, so much so that the project ‘Milan and Ferragamo for the training of young talents’ was developed. This initiative, which is part of ‘Patto per il Lavoro’, an alliance signed in 2022 by the municipality of Milan to improve employment by involving civic schools, institutions, companies, corporations and foundations, etc., has yielded its first result in the fashion industry, thanks to the contribution of the Ferragamo Group too. “A project to give a second chance to those who dream of fashion,” said Councillor for Economic Development and Labour Policies Alessia Cappello, “and to offer true possibilities to the winners selected by the civic schools, with up-skilling or re-skilling opportunities”. The Salvatore Ferragamo Group has awarded 4 scholarships for a total value of 30,000 Euro to enrol in a three-year post-diploma course at a Fashion Academy or Institute. The municipality involved Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda ETS, which groups a number of prestigious schools, and 4 of them financially supported the attendance of 4 female students to post-diploma courses, offering the cost net of the Ferragamo scholarships. Specifically, these are the Accademia Costume&Moda, the Accademia della Moda IUAD, the Istituto Secoli and Naba. At the presentation of the four winners, Matteo Secoli, president of Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda ETS and of the school of the same name, emphasised the ‘systemic’ value of this initiative and the important synergy with Milan; Leonardo Ferragamo recalled the need to invest in young people and how Milan, thanks to its farsightedness, has long since begun a virtuous cycle to attract talent. The scholarships went to: Evgeniia Morgun who will attend the Fashion Product System course at Accademia Costume&Moda, Geraldina Gabbi Contesini who will enrol in the Fashion Design course at IUAD, Stephanie Zuniga who will attend the Fashion Design and Fashion Product Technology course at Istituto Secoli, Yasmin Morcy who will attend the Fashion Design course at Naba.

The scholarship award ceremony