Rayne, the brand popular with the royal family, will be designed by Ernesto Esposito.

It is 100% English, but 100% made in Italy and as of S/S 2017, also 100% designed by Italian stylist Ernesto Esposito.

Rayne London has a long story (told in the book “Shoes for Stars”), with its roots in the late 1800s when Henry and Mary Rayne started out in the theatrical costume business before diversifying from wigs into shoes.

Loved and worn by the British Royal Family from Queen Mary to Queen Elizabeth II to princesses Margaret, Anne and Diana, the shoes are made and distributed by Venetian company CDivertiamo, led by Giuseppe Baiardo.

With the spring/summer 2017 season, Ernesto Esposito becomes creative director, having also previously collaborated with Sergio Rossi, Marc Jacobs, Chloé and Louis Vuitton. “Rayne is a brand that respects the idea of good taste with a pinch of typical English folly, from Barry Lyndon onwards”, explains the stylist. “A classical yet at the same time eccentric people, where extremes are in proportion rather than exaggerated lines of great impact but far from everyday reality”.

With the new collection, Esposito will attempt to rebuild the brand’s style and DNA, introducing new ideas to make it contemporary.