A footwear project that puts the customer and his dreams first

Shoes are objects of desire, ‘little dreams’ that are transformed into wearable reality by the skill and expertise of Italy’s factories and craftsmen. This is the inspiration behind MyChalom, which in Hebrew means “dream” and which was set up, almost for fun, after a weekend spent in Tel Aviv. As the designer and CEO of the project, launched in 2018, explains: “MyChalom is inspired by what we believe makes today’s smart, healthy, active and extrovert women sexy – says Elisa Castellari who worked first at LVMH and then later in a Milanese showroom. Our aim is to offer them a pair of shoes that will help them take the first step on the road to achieving their dreams”. To do this, she set up partnerships with various Italian manufacturers, spread out between the Marche and Lombardy regions, capable of ensuring expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

“The project combines fashion and technology – Elisa continues – because while the final product is footwear, technology allows us to connect directly with our customers, to understand their needs and desires and consequently to develop models that are totally in tune with them. So our business model puts the customer at the centre of attention, rather than the product, and concentrates more on getting them involved than on sales”. After opening the B2C channel in April 2019, in February 2020 the brand started offline distribution, because – as Elisa explains – according to a recent study, 56% of Italian women continue to prefer shopping in a traditional shop, while 42.5% use both channels, both physical and online. In fact, MyChalom is sold in some of the most prestigious shoe shops and boutiques, ready to make the dreams of women all over the world come true.