A trail shoe for walking even in the city

The Pininfarina design, which follows the harmonious lines and the craftsmanship that distinguish Velasca: Monviso footwear is born from this combination. A name not chosen by chance, but thought to indicate another common trait, the mountain from which the river Po rises, which connects Piedmont (where the well-known design studio is based, in Turin) and Lombardy (where the footwear brand’s story began). The result is a trail shoe with distinctive characteristics: a waterproof membrane inside the upper that can keep the foot dry in any weather condition, a shock-absorbing, light Vibram sole made of 30% recycled rubber, rigid elements for foot protection on the heel, toe, and sides, the use of suede calfskin for a velvety touch. All features to ensure comfort, which can accompany those who wear Monviso across different terrains, from the mountains to the city.