Texan boots (and their reinterpretations) for walking in the city

[On the cover: Louis Vuitton and Barracuda F/W 202021]

In recent history, or last century just to be clear, they were worn by icons of the star system in historic films: from Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits (1961), to John Travolta in Urban Cowboy (1980). In more recent times we have seen them worn by music stars like Katy Perry at the 2016 Country Music Awards and they have since been extensively showcased in the last few seasons, right into the third millennium. This brings us to autumn/winter 2020/21, a hyped up season featuring boots and ankle boots of all shapes and sizes, heights, and heels. Texan boots or camperos stand out in particular: faithful to their Wild West origins, more often than not they are reinterpreted with a contemporary twist in terms of materials, details and lowers, with ever-faithful decorations and stitching. The western feel has been ennobled, embracing a country chic style featuring leather and suede, printed and coloured leathers paired with glitter fabrics for more glamorous versions.