From white footwear to product customisation

[On the cover: Mimanera Studio FW 23/24]

Mimanera Studio is the evolution of a project that has already been on the market for years: a brand that wants to capitalise on the expertise it acquired in the sneaker world.

Mimanera was a customisation brand of iconic sneaker brands, from Nike to Adidas, Vans, and Converse. It made models unique and personalised them through applications, colours, and prints. Mimanera Studio is the private label that debuts with the ‘Concrete’ collection for Autumn/Winter 23/24. “After years of deconstruction and reconstruction, of customising footwear from other brands, we decided that the time had come to create our own” – explains the owner and art director Matteo Gamboni – “a ‘Made in Italy’ shoe produced in the Marche region, while continuing to offer the experience of customisation, as the name itself says, from the Spanish Mi Manera, or my way. The brand launched an all-white shoe in full-grain leather, which became the basis for creative experiments such as rubbery drips on the sole, ‘délavé’ treatments, zig-zag stitching, a heel and contrasting laces. A way to add freshness and creativity to the product”. Mimanera Studio will enrich the offer already present in the Mimanera stores, six in Italy and one opened in 2021 at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai. Naturally, distribution will also expand to multi-brand clothing and streetwear accessories, locations constantly looking for products that experiment with that mix of uniqueness and passion for innovation, both prerogatives of ‘Made in Italy’.