Laurentin Cosmos has been wearing heels for 22 years, and he has just launched a new brand of unisex bags and shoes

Be who you are.

This is the motto of Laurentin Cosmos, whose real name is Klaus Vemmer, a Danish designer and founder of the new brand of shoes and bags that sets aside all gender differences with a product range designed to be worn by men and women alike.

There’s nothing unusual about that; there are already plenty of unisex items available on the market. But what’s unusual about Laurentin Cosmos’ shoes it that they have decidedly feminine heels and shapes, at least according to what we are used to seeing.

I think everyone should be free. For my whole life I’ve been seeking the freedom to be who I really am

Cosmos is not interested in tradition. In case you’re wondering, he’s heterosexual, but he’s been wearing high heels for 22 years and he believes that «we will never get gender equality before men are seen differently».


The entrepreneur believes that while women fight for their rights, men do not, giving up the right to wear clothes and accessories considered typically feminine – like high heels.

Hence, the idea of launching his own brand, which produces shoes with heels up to 11 centimetres high, made entirely by Italian shoemakers out of Italian materials.

Sizes range from 35 to 46 and are tailored to fit the broader shape of men’s feet.