Shoes and garments in mini-me or maxi-you version

[On the cover: the Glove sneaker by Gallucci, available in adult and kid’s version]

There is no stopping the trend of parents and children who choose the same garments or accessories. After all, apparel and footwear collections for children are full of miniature versions of adult models, featuring the same colours, patterns and details. However, as far as shoes are concerned, there is greater attention to construction, with insoles and supports for foot growth. The final look is the same as models for mum and dad. Gallucci is a footwear brand that has always proposed identical collections for children and adults. The Glove sneaker, developed for men and boys, is characterised by a destructured upper, anatomical footbed for foot rest and the orange colour of its laces, a distinctive sign of the brand since the Fifties.

The habit of matching mother-daughter outfits goes way back in time. In the early twentieth century, Jeanne Lanvin launched a haute couture collection for girls, using fabrics from the women’s line. Today, Elisabetta Franchi still dedicates some fashion shows to models accompanied by girls dressed in the same outfit, from head to toe. The Elisabetta Franchi campaign Mia Bambina for ss 2021 proposed the same elegant ceremonial dresses, in a romantic setting, worn with mini ballet flats and sandals.

The Elisabetta Franchi campaign Mia Bambina for s/s 2021