The brand reopens in Milan and offers the opportunity to customise their footwear

A new chapter begins for the Bolognese brand which starts from the restyling of the logo simplified in the word Testoni with the place and date of birth of the company clearly visible, 1929, to underline the all-Italian heritage and know-how, gained in almost a century of activity. And then the return to Milan with the recent opening in Via Gesù, an 80 square metre space characterised by red marble, which recalls the historic architecture of Bologna, and which is associated with steel, with a golden satin finish, and sheet metal dark bronze. A further reference to the brand’s DNA is the “filettone” (big welt), the leather edging that joins the various parts of the upper creating contrasting profiles and which is found in the shop in the golden frames of the furnishings, alternating between the different materials and finishes. But the evolution of the brand is present above all in the service that the store offers to customers, i.e., made to order, which will be active from the second half of the year. “This service allows you to customise your shoes” – explains Testoni’s Italy CEO, Massimo Bettio“based on your own tastes and styles. In the lounge dedicated to this service, the customer chooses the model, materials, and colours and can see a prototype on the screen or worn on his feet using a 3D configurator. A first step towards a more ambitious goal, which will be to achieve made-to-measure, i.e., truly made-to-measure by scanning the foot with a scanner and making the model in-house, created ad hoc for the customer, using a printer 3D”. Maximum attention, therefore, to the needs and requirements of customers to have shoes that fit perfectly. “The purpose of these services” – continues Bettio – “is to put the consumer at the centre, who must also feel like the ‘main event’ in the creation of the product. Our mission has always been, and remains, to create comfortable shoes with the right shapes and volumes”.